Kamis, 17 September 2015

Report Text - Clown Fish (Amphiprioninae)

Clown fish are one of the animals from the class fish. They are beautiful fish. They live in the sea, Pacific Ocean, red sea, Indian Ocean, and a big coral of Australia.

Clown fish commonly have 9 cm (3.5 inches) in length; they are overall in yellow, orange, or a reddish or blackish color, and many show white bars or patches. For their live they eat zooplankton and algae in the sea. They also have thorns around his eyes. They also have a fluid that is not owned by other fish.

(Indri, Zulkifli, Tri Wahyuni, Anisa, Vicky, Fitri (9E))

Report text - CHAMELEON

Chameleon is one of the kinds of reptiles. It can be found in the wild, it like to hide under rock and places like caves and under the tree.

Chameleon has long tongue and special eyes. It has horn in the nose. It is used to fight. Chameleon has long tail. It can change color to camouflage. Chameleon eats insects, flowers and fruits to live.

(Syahdan, Sugeng, Endika, Zulkham, Seta, Ivan, Iwan (9E))

Animal Report - PIGEON

      Pigeons are one of the types of bird. We can find them in everywhere on earth, except for the driest areas of the Sahara desert, Antarctica and its surrounding islands, and the high Arctic. This bird is the commonly bird that live with human. Many people like this bird because it is smart bird. In the past era, many people use this bird to help them in sending letter.
      In general, pigeons have 2-5 kg weight and 50 cm height. They have large wings and strong wings muscles. Pigeons consume seeds and fruits for their live. They are highly movable flight.

(Normalita, Widya, Wahid, Linda, Wanda, Angga (9E))

Animal Report - Butterfly (Rhopalocera)

Butterflies are beautiful animals in the world. They are categorized as insect. They can be found in tropics area like Indonesia.
Butterflies have colorful wings. They have unique color in the wings. The wingspan is about 6.5 – 8.6 cm. Butterflies have external skeleton to protect their body. They also have proboscis to drink water or suck the fluid of interest. They take honey of flower for food. Butterflies are animals that life in four cycle.

(Rafli, Johan, Dwi Fajar, Afi, Dimas, Riski (9E))

Animal Report - Sumatran Tiger

          Sumatran Tigers or Phantera tigris sumatrae are categorized as mammals. They live in Sumatra.
          They have 1.4 – 2.7 meters length and 75 – 114 kg weight. Their furs are white to orange brown and the stripes are black, brown or grey. They have small and round ears. They eat deer and wild bear. They usually move by walk and run even they are excellent swimmers. They have good eyesight.

(Nini, Yunita, Selvi, Erlin, Ayu (9E))